Our Impact

Providing resource referrals is not the only way that AOG works to empower our communities. We pride ourselves in partnering with other organizations and businesses to make the biggest impact possible. Getting to know our communities and what their needs are, has placed us in a special place. We are able to streamline our processes and focus on what is most important to the very communities we serve. We take pride in having a special connection with our communities, volunteers, partners and donors. They continue to help us reach our mission of “building and empowering lives, one connection at a time.”



Years Serving communities

Since 2009 we have had to honor of serving our communities. Providing a one-stop shop to obtain resources has been our goal from the beginning. It hasn’t always been easy, but it has always been fulfilling. We look forward to exploring new ways of connecting and empowering our communities as we continue on our mission.


Thousand INDIVIDUALS assisted

Through no small feat we have been able to provide resources to over eight thousand individuals. We remain focussed on having great partnerships, a dedicated team, outstanding volunteers and caring donors, which helps us to strive to be even more impactful in the years to come.