Resource and Community Services Intern(s)

Are you looking for an organization that is energetic, inclusive and community focused? Here at Atlantic Outreach Group we strive to achieve just that. Since 2009 we have made great strides in empowering our communities by connecting them to needed resources, including but not limited: Financial literacy support, Housing, Nutritional support, Transportation, Scholarships, Mental health support, Healthcare and Employment.

Position Description:

Interns will play an instrumental role in various aspects of our organization. More specifically, you will assist with preparation and implementation of various community empowerment projects, program support and administrative support. This is an incredible opportunity to gain knowledge, skills and abilities in client interaction, non-profit management, community engagement and acquiring resources that will best service our clients. There will be opportunities to network with our community partners as well as making a positive impact within communities, furthering your understanding of the social economic impacts on low-income communities within Richmond and surrounding counties.

Duration of Internship: Twelve (12) weeks

Our Ideal Candidate(s):

  • Team player

  • Dependable

  • Effective time management

  • Proficient computer skills

  • Ability to see projects to completion

  • Effective Communication

  • Strong written and interpersonal communication skills

  • High Organization & Attention to Detail

Experience Gained:

  • Work alongside a passionate and dedicated staff in their daily tasks to understand the operations of a non-profit organization in the human services field.

  • Network with business professionals within the Richmond and its surrounding communities to create sustainable partnerships.

  • Gain an in-depth exposure to barriers experienced in our communities due to socio-economic issues.

  • Assist in the preparation and facilitation of programs and services.

  • Develop administrative skills and play a critical role in the day-to-day operations of an organization.

  • Gain exposure and experience in relationship and conflict management.

  • Opportunities to attend and participate in professional and personal development events and workshops.

If this opportunity aligns with your interests and values, please use the button below to apply!